Here, you can find answers to our most commonly asked questions, if your question isn't shown here, please ask us anything on our "Contact Us" page.

Do you ship worldwide?

Of course! We ship worldwide and offer either regular shipping, or express shipping for a small extra fee which can dependent on where you wish the watch to be sent to.

What are the component's provenance?

Here, at C.L.Watches, we only use the highest quality components we can find, so most of them are from Japan, or Switzerland. 

Where are the watches made?

Every single one of our watches are made by hand in Paris with care and love. All of our custom bracelet and pouch options are also made by hand and in Paris by our friends over at AtelierPresentMaroquinerie.

How much do the watches cost?

The prices of our watches can widely vary from your choice of components, materials, if you desire a handmade bracelet, or a handmade pouch to house the watch when not worn. But we have worked hard to provide you with the cheapest prices possible. So a watch will generally go from $300 US up to $1700 US for our highest-end watches.